El viaje a Loreto
(The journey to Loreto)

My husband Rick and I were first introduced to Loreto in 2006 by a marketing campaign about Loreto Bay, a townhome like community that was just being developed. Since then Loreto Bay went through some economic hard times in 2009, as did the United States, but has rebounded nicely as it has continued to expand and flourish.

As life would have it back in 2006 it was just too busy for us to take the time to vacation and explore what sounded like a wonderful town in Baja California Sur, Loreto, so the opportunity to learn and explore more passed us by.

Loreto did not come into our sights again until 2015 when we started planning a vacation to Baja California Sur. Not wanting a Cabo scene and in search of a slower sleepier town Loreto came up again!

Once in Loreto we quickly fell in love with the magical pueblo and after two weeks of exploring and enjoying Loreto we decided to make an offer on a lot North of town.  The seller accepted, we closed escrow and the journey down South had begun, whether we realized it or not!

During the year it took to build our home we had many extended stays in Loreto. New friendships developed with expats and locals alike. We realized with each trip to Loreto that there was so much more to do than relax and read a book, if you wanted to!

The culture, the people and the abundance of activities such as fishing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, biking, off road adventures, the Art community, the whale museum, and even the festivals are all what makes this little town so magical!

For Rick and I during that year the community and the endless discoveries of Loreto continued to shine brighter and brighter, making it harder and harder to go back home to the bay area.

I must say the Bay Area wasn’t so bad, I enjoyed over 33 years in Real Estate. My experience, expertise and knowledge with real estate finance, sales, investing, and property management ultimately lead us to purchase two more properties here in Loreto! A commercial-residential mixed-use property in Historic Loreto, and a townhome unit in the Loreto Bay Community of Nopolo (the same area that peaked our interest back in 2006). The Bay Area was pretty good to Rick as well!  He has enjoyed a career for the past 30 plus years in the Commercial flooring industry, in which we owned a flooring company for a little over 12 years. We sold off the company in late 2014 with the goal of living a simpler less stressful life.

For Rick and me Loreto has transformed from a great vacation destination to a place we now call home. “Big Dreams start small” and for us that is so true.  We are currently in the process of opening a wine bar called Gitanos (pronounced He-tann-O’s) which is located right on the main street as you enter Historic downtown Loreto. We also host events and weddings at our beautiful beach front home and manage our two vacation rental properties which are listed  on VRBO, all the while trying our best to learn Spanish!

Life is good in Loreto, come visit and see for yourself, you never know where a new dream will get it’s start!

I look forward to helping you with all your Loreto destination needs!

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