Daydream – What would you do if money was no object?

Daydream with me for a moment. What would you do if money was no object? This was a question that recently came across my Facebook Messenger. It was from a friend here in Loreto. Random question, but an interesting one. The question came up in a quick back and forth as to how things were progressing with Gitano’s, our wine bar in downtown Loreto.

? Gitano’s is Spanish for gypsy’s. ? ?

The person who asked the question is always nonstop busy with one project or another. He’s always working on a business idea or in the midst of creating one. He also said, “I could use it [money]!

I had never really thought about it this question. Never just sat and pondered what I’d do if money was no object.

If money was no object, Loreto, Gitanos, Travel, Expat Life (Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels)Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels

Most full-time foreign residents here in Loreto are retired. Many are older and several are younger than me and my husband. Some have grown children. Some are empty nesters. Many have their adventure toys, either off road vehicles or boats. Some own and enjoy both. There is never a lack of something to do here in Loreto. The ladies plan beach days, pool parties, pot lucks, and more. The men have poker nights, day trip ATV adventures through the desert, and there are fishing tournaments abound. There are art classes, yoga classes, dance lessons, numerous gyms, Saturday markets, Sunday markets, and Tuesday backyard movie matinees. You’re almost guaranteed to find an activity that meets your interest during any given week.

From the outside looking in one may conclude that money is of no object for most foreigners living here in the magical pueblo of Loreto. However I would venture to say some are living on a fixed income, while others have a nice nest egg of retirement income. But one thing is obvious to me. No matter what their financial situation is, most are still working on something!

You have book writing clubs, where the authors are working on their short story or poem. You have artists working on their next painting or sculpture, some of which are sold in various art studios around town. There are countless clubs working hard to raise money and awareness for the enrichment of local children, the environment, the ocean, recycling programs, dog and cat rescues, open area parks, and tourism. The list of what people are working on in Loreto goes is seemingly endless.

I’ve been lucky enough in life to work at what I enjoy; and the money has followed. So to answer the question at hand, “What would you do if money was no object?” I simply do not have an answer to the question, or maybe I do since I have never made money the object of what I was after.

Food for thought.

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